31 October 2006

A Ghost That Never Walked

"When the winds are sobbing faintly,
with the gentle unknown woe ---
Will you think of me, and love me,
as you did once long ago?
In the gloaming, oh my darling,
think not bitterly of me.
Though I passed away in silence,
left you lonely --- set you free.
For my heart was crushed with longing,
what had been... could never be.
It was best to leave you thus,
Best for you --- and best for me."
"In the Gloaming," Annie Foretscue Harrison (1851-1944)



jtk said...

I noticed the "In the Gloaming" lyrics sung by both Edwards and Alexander differ from the posted lyrics, a different verse perhaps? In films, Nancy Carroll does a nice job of it in Dance of Life `29, but my favorite rendition is by Kay Francis, in The False Madonna `31.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these. Any idea when Cliff Edwards' version was recorded?